Established in 1748 in the heart of Central, Villeroy and Boch is one of the oldest European manufacturers. From the beginning, the company invented products of high quality level and a huge success. From the famous tiles of Mettlach made artistry, to the mosaics that covered the floor of the cathedral of Cologne, the masterpiece of style Pop Art Metro Nuremberg. A company that has been able to express themselves during the major artistic periods that have characterized European art, from Baroque to Art Nouveau, from Art Deco to today, a time when Villeroy and Boch offers a classic, but very contemporary, skillfully adapting to linearity of modern taste its classical roots, which still play a major role in the characterization of the brand. Families Villeroy and Boch, proprietary company from 8 generations, have entrusted the management of the group to an external management, which in collaboration with internationally renowned designers and technicians, continues to give rise to products highly aesthetic, functional and innovative, consistently tradition and good values ​​handed down from the property.
The German group divided its structure into three divisions: "Tableware", "Tiles and Bathroom" and "wellness." In addition, functionality, design and elegance are the values ​​that unite the three compartments and are expressed at the international level with the concept "The House of Villeroy & Boch" to furnish their home with style and originality.
Villeroy and Boch nowadays is a great company, publicly traded since 1985.

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