Rogaska brand products are made in one of the oldest and most prestigious European manufacturers of glass located in the locality Rogaska Slatina spa.
Crystal, a precious material that combines the characteristics of transparency, the play of reflections and ductility, located in this factory one of its highest expressions in terms of quality.
Here it is indeed worked with techniques as old as complex requiring not only the expertise of the craftsman, but also the art of Master blower. The tradition of the production and processing of crystal is part of the history of Rogaska for centuries and is an excellent form of art that master craftsmen still manage to be passed down and keep alive.
Leafing through our catalog you will enter the fascinating world of crystal Rogaska characterized by elegant shapes, fantastic transparency and wise incisions born from the hands of the Masters grinders. Our ambition is to follow up on this trip in the exquisite art of the crystal in order to keep it intact and at the same time fostering the development of the times.

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