Remember is a German brand, founded in 1996. Since then, the catalog of designer items with this brand has continuously enriched. Whether it's cardboard stools, cutting boards, bowls, games or placemats Remember all products have one thing in common: each item is designed and developed with a passion for quality, for the color, design, shapes, simple but always functional.
· Company leading manufacturer of gift items, with a unique and innovative design.
REMEMBER The products are unique and include a wide range of choice: the cup of the object furnishing more detail.
REMEMBER The products can be used for a special gift, as company giveaways or as decorative items of particular taste.
· Awards
Some museums where you can find REMEMBER:
- Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco
- Museum of Modern Art in New York
- Guggenheim Venice
- Guggenheim Bilbao
- Art Gallery of Ontario
- The Librairie du musée d'art moderne de la ville de Paris

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