The company was founded in 1992, when Jan Philippi opens its first two stores Philippi
Office and Living Accessories in Hamburg. The first product is PACO Letter
(Sold in more than 100,000 pieces and sp
it copied).
2002 is a particularly important year in the history of the company brand
PHILIPPI. The piece that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the brand is EXTRAVAGANZA
Puzzle Globe. 2006, however, is the year in which the COCOON Fruit Bowl becomes the
more representative of the catalog. Practically, all the newspapers
2007 is the year of birth of ANGEL Parking Ticket Holder, a
guardian angel that recur frequently even in the later collections,
also saw the appreciation
the public. But the brand has many flowers
cap: BURN, the fireplace table (2008); ROCKY MOUNTAIN, the frame
the brand new look thanks to the collection of 15 cubic polished by hand (2009);
ORBIT, the clock with which PHILIPPI has r
einventato time (2010); BOW, the
candleholder "expandable" as desired (2011). In 2012, PHILIPPI celebrated
twenty years with the re-release, limited edition of 10 classic pieces of his collection.

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