TROIKA GERMANY GmbH sells worldwide gift items and useful travel and desk
Troika Germany GmbH is a German company which manufactures and sells all over the
world gift items and accessories useful for the trip and the desk,
in accordance with the individual needs and professional.
Its history dates back to 1972 and to England, where he was born and where to
twenty years, until 1992, Peter Osborne produced buttons and knobs for twins
change autosportive (Roadster).
In 1992 the German Ludger Boell acquired the company and it moved the headquarters in Germany.
The new name was TROIKAGermany GmbH, based in Mueschenbach,
German Federal State Rhineland-Palatinate. Close cooperation with many designers
He led the company to success and
allowed her to receive many awards for design, such as Trai, for citarnealcuni of many,
Promotional recent GiftAward (2004-2005-2011 Red Not Design Award (2001-2004-2007-2010), the
Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany (2008-2011), Form Tendence (2010).
Today TROIKA Germany GmbH is the market leader for innovative and valuable keychain
(The catalog includes benoltre 150 models, multiplied by all its many versions,
permit to reach a
very high figure.

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