Design Spell is the study and the realization of furnishings selected and characterized by their artistic nature highlighted in each subject and addressed to the various requirements of furniture.
In-depth research of trends and colors in the complements, the creation craftsmanship combined with the artistic synthesis of each object, determine characteristics of absolute originality.
Design Spell is projected to constant innovation in the field of furnishing, which fit with ease and elegance in a host of environments and that stimulate the imagination of the individual causing the choice of the object is determined not only by the favorable setting, even a mood, desire or thought that the object wants to arouse.
Design Spell attached to each article a profile containing data explanatory notes on technical execution and artistic motivation. For the line clocks said profile has a function also of guarantee.
The study design of Enchantment is at your disposal for the creation of custom objects or modifications of existing objects.

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