Ricciocaprese is the daughter of an historic Neapolitan - Majello 1867 - known for its famous Capodimonte porcelain. The great-grandfather Alfonso Majello, despite coming from a family of notaries, falls in love with the daughter of an artist of that era and at the same time, a passion to the art of Capodimonte until his appointment in 1897 Knight of Work.
This passion is passed on from father to son; before the sculptor Lucio Majello and today his son Fabio Majello. It was with the latter that comes Ricciocaprese and opens a new chapter in the history of the family. Fabio Majello yearns for mastery of the old artisans is not lost, it makes available to young talent by marrying new trends and creating more modern works, more details, but equally valuable and inimitable.
The entrepreneur Fabio and his wife Imma, designers of the new brand, during their summer vacation on the island of Capri, indulge in the wonders of this place and realize Ricciocaprese, a fascinating ceramic object that immediately becomes the icon of 'island.
But Capri has a thousand colors, a thousand scents, a thousand fragrances ... Born Ricciocaprese Fragrance: home fragrances, boxes with ultra-luxurious bath beads, salts or soap petals.
Naples, Capri and its beauty continue to inspire the collections Ricciocaprese, always preserving elegance, good taste and exclusivity; quality all Italian, of which this family has been and will always be spokesman in the world.

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