The History of CowParade

We all have a story, and we are no different. It's just that our story includes a herd of fiberglass cows in natural size, many artists of great talent and a loving public around the world.
The first CowParade was held in Zurich in 1998, with the aim of showing the artistic talent of local life and fill the streets of the city. The rest is history, with events from Chicago to New York, to which other events are moving very fast in many other cities all over the world. So far more than 60 cities have organized an event with more than 6,000 artists involved in the design of more than 5,000 cows! CowParade has grown to become arguably the modern public art event in the world's largest.

Our Philosophy

CowParade aims mainly to provide public access to an art provocative and challenging in an urban setting. While we support this inspiring goal, we also deal with how to be socially responsible enterprise. Many of our cows in natural scale are auctioned after the events, and the proceeds are donated to charity, funding projects for young people in need of the country where the event takes place.
So far, CowParade has raised nearly 20 million dolari worldwide, something we are particularly proud.


Select unique designs among the thousands of creations from the CowParade events, then we reproduce the exact replicas in various sizes. Most of our replicas are hand-painted. Every six months, we introduce new designs, keeping our collection fresh and updated.

Livedesign selected for you:

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